made by a
by tradition

Our legendary BBQ is made using knowledge and natural ingredients that have stood the test of time.

the method to the masterpiece

We’ve taken BBQ back to its roots with an emphasis on cooking well-raised animals, and crafting no sugar added sauces and rubs made from real, whole foods. Just like our ancestors used to do.

all of the flavor, none of the sugar

BBQ’s hidden sugar was making our family and community sick. So, we used our know-how to craft the most delicious sauces and rubs using nothing but natural, whole, real ingredients.

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Ed Mitchell Burgers


Now you can have legendary Carolina BBQ by “The Pitmaster” sent directly to you. Slow-smoked over pecan wood and finished with secret seasonings and sauces, it’s the real deal.

this is why i barbecue.
this is why i know my work is important.

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Hall of Fame Pitmaster

barbecues have fed americans both physically and spiritually by pulling down the social barriers we build.

our family's recipes
for your table

More than a cookbook, Ed Mitchell’s Barbeque is a work of cultural history. Keep the heritage of North Carolina cuisine and BBQ in your own home with the Mitchell family’s legendary recipes and time-honored traditions.

Ed Mitchell's Barbeque Cookbook

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The Preserve is serving up generations of Mitchell Family food for anyone who pulls up a chair.