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The business

North Carolina and BBQ are synonymous with one another. The peak of NC BBQ can be found within Pitmaster Enterprises, LLC. Pitmaster Enterprises relishes in bringing you a line of BBQ culinary products and recipes that have been cherished by the Mitchell family for over 150 years.  Hailed as the “whole hog expert,” Pitmaster Ed Mitchell sources his meat from some of the best farmers across the state to deliver a tasteful tradition of slow smoked meats using free range and grass fed farming practices.  No matter the dish being created, all of our products include the passionate secret ingredient of our family matriarch, Doretha Mitchell, and that ingredient is Love. As BBQ undergoes a renaissance, we are committed to helping our customers make the best food choices with meats, rubs, and sugar free sauces made the most authentic way possible. Join Us!

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